Jul 6th, 2023 | Tom Talks

WHOSE FAULT IS THIS? This single mother of three lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her baby living "in a tent." Do you feel her pain?

I’m a mom of three living in a one-bedroom apartment — my baby sleeps in a tent



Submitted by masterautotech on

Unbelievable. Birth control I guess not. So every one else gets to pay for her mistakes. Unbelievable 3 kids in a 1 bedroom apartment, kids living in tents. Hello , where is child protective services at? And no shame no shame at all. No more rights for abortion the ladies lost that forever. So now she is stuck on the poverty train. Food, education, health care , child care, transportation , housing, retirement. This lady is screwed her kids are screwed. It's all her fault she deserves it. And the people who gave her money are idiots.

Submitted by xboxown on

Honestly, I don't feel sympathy for any adults. Majority by their hand doings. Even her kids I don't feel sympathy for. They are her progeny part of her are duplicated on her offspring. They are her and they re going to repeat the cycle and worse. As far as I am concerned, they are wild animals who look cute as young but will bit your neck when they are grow old.