May 9th, 2022 | Tom Talks


Why parental burnout is a ‘public health issue’ — and moms are most at risk



Submitted by mwkirlin on

I have a son of my own and adopted two kids. My adopted kids were tremendously difficult and their needs caused harm to my son. I made damn sure I was attending to all of their needs but particularly to my own son, and I had no problem doing it. They're all adults now. My adopted kids are hardly living great lives but my son is, working and focusing on getting his bachelor's degree in business. I only care about supporting him going forward.

As an educator, one of the hardest things about not being a parent is that there are lots of prejudices if you're not one, by other teachers, administrators, and parents. There are jobs like that where there's immense pressure to be an example for other people, even if it's merely a chosen field. I'm proud of the dad I became, and in a lot of ways I'm proud I made it through pretty well. Yeah it was hard, really hard.

Thank you, Tom, for getting me through some tough moments. Your show meant more to me than you ever knew. I never asked for sympathy, but I sure needed encouragement. I found no one better at offering it.

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It must be very complicated, but I'm just curious as to why you decided to adopt two other kids in the first place? Given that you stated you particularly attended to your biological son's needs and that you only care about supporting him.

Yours truly,

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