Jul 12th, 2021 | Tom Talks

TOM'S TIRED OF THE HILLBILLIES, THE ANTI-SCIENCE DOOFUSES, AND THE JUST PLAIN STUPIDS Our country is now overrun by them: the idiots. Someone had to say something. Somebody just did.

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Submitted by yamamotd on

Hey Tom,

Again - tell us how you really feel !!!
Another succinct & totally true reflection of the current direction of our society.
A combination of enablers & mollycoddled snow flakes who feel they are entitled to be treated special.

Here in paradise, with the influx of tourist from the lower 48 to Hawaii, it seems that it almost a daily occurrence & sometimes thrice on a "good" day -- the Fire Rescue, Helicopter & Lifeguards have to be dispatched to save stranded hikers & swimmers. You & I pay for these "Don't Be Stoopid" spuds because the Federal Government has a fund setup to pay for these rescue services.

What people don't realize is that if the chopper is out on a wild goose chase "rescuing" a group of hikers because they are just tired of walking & want a free air lift out of the forest, that same chopper may not be available for other individuals that may truly be injured or infirmed. Is this the height of indulgence?

You go gett'um Tom !!!

Submitted by ras0iuf on

If someone intentionally refuses to get vaccinated and they end up in the ICU on a ventilator for a month, insurance shouldn't pay a single penny for that. That's entirely on them. Pay up.

Submitted by yamamotd on

Yes - totally agree !!!

Submitted by flyboy805 on

They just got Brain washed and 'DE-EDUCATED' after High school Graduation.
Like i said on Twitter 'Cut Funding on Corona hospitalizations for those without vaccines. '

Thanks for the repost uncle TOM!