Jun 2nd, 2021 | Tom Talks

WHAT DOES TOM DO NOW? After thinking about and talking about the end of Tom's lockdown for months, it's finally here. And Tom feels like an alien. Hear about Tom's first day of freedom!

What's your first day free experience? Tell Tom: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by gokusan on

As a first responder worker, I worked through the entire pandemic and I was exposed 24/7 365. I carried dead bodies out of homes and I took many trips to the hospitals. I tested negative for covid 3 times and I never got sick. From my experience, most of the people I saw die had pre existing conditions and were elderly. I only saw one young person die after having difficulty breathing and even he was a little over weight.

Submitted by TONY_LALLI on

after i got the vaccine, i had a similar moment where i didnt know where the grocery carts were in the store as well. I had to leave my apt to get medication because of the stroke I couldnt turn into a shut in. if it wasnt for medication, I wouldn't be going to the grocery stores at all. But luckily everyone in my area wore masks even during the trump presidency. Going to the weight room and having my temp checked and having to sign in was the biggest change.