Oct 9th, 2023 | Money Podcast

LOOK OUT BELOW! War in the Middle East will mean higher oil prices...then, higher gasoline prices and even more inflation. Time to GET CHEAP!



Submitted by Kowloon Cowboy on

My REITS are all eating ass. Am I doing this right?

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

You are. I believe they are all going THROUGH THE ROOF the second there's a rate cut, which I believe they will be in Q1 2024. Meantime, I have redirected my very large dividends to be reinvested in the exact same REITs. The current shares being reinvested at today's low prices.

Submitted by 5678fredginger on

Tom, been listening and following your suggestions for 34 years!
Happily divorced 34 years! Banged now 133 "wanna be my wife" and
multi millionaire, but not as near as much as you. Only 3M. Yet still cut coupons, barter, free senior museum days, only take out or cook at home.
What's wrong with us? But still love as you told me in a phone call almost ten years ago, "A Wall of Money.". Thank you for coming into mens lives!

Submitted by masterautotech on

I first heard of you in 2017. I started listing more in 2019. I've been a subscriber I think for at least 3 year. I have been saving and paying bills. thanks to you I'm doing very well and saving and investing more and making plans. thanks TOM.