Aug 22nd, 2023 | Money Podcast

MORTGAGE RATES ARE NOW OVER SEVEN PERCENT Hopefully, you were paying attention when Tom told you to reduce your risks. What do we do now?

Buying a Home Is Getting Out of Reach. Mortgage Rates Are the Reason



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the world is changing and people are going to learn the hard way about money. I have learned the hard way about money. I'm constantly reeducating myself with your help. I listen often as I'm sure you know. I'm doing great now!

I'm looking all around me and at the news feeds.

from homeless washed up homely actress tori spelling who appear to be now out of money,( from over spending?)

a war in Ukraine escalating and poor people dead. extreme weather around the world, rain, flooding, wildfires, drought, record snow falls, and people dying and getting killed due to the crazy weather and all its effects. this is a time when you need money to protect you and you family and the ones you love. you need money to fly out of a fire zone out of a war zone to escape to a safe place. don't use money to show off and over spend on cars homes clothes jewelry trips concerts ( no Taylor swift its nuts $1000 for a ticket).

inflation the cost of goods going up, American people are hard wired to spend more and more money and putting it on credit cards and not paying down the debt. why?. almost nobody I know saves, the other day my neighbor showed up at my house with a god dam tesla model y I'm like really? student loans will be restarting soon also, so more people with struggle and suffer and it does not look like interest rates will be going down anytime soon. i don't think people are ready for what's about to happen also tom.

great episode tom