May 20th, 2021 | Money Podcast

CRYPTO CRASH Many listeners probably just learned the hard way about how cryptocurrencies are NOT a sure thing as Bitcoin, Ether and Doge all took a dive simultaneously. Hear why Tom doesn't go near crypto. And why he thinks investors like YOU shouldn't either.

GalaxyDigital Founder & CEO Michael Novogratz on CNBC explains what happened to crypto.

The crypto collapse: Here’s what’s behind bitcoin’s sudden drop

Big institutional investors are dumping bitcoin and going back into gold, JPMorgan says

Where do you stand on cryptocurrencies? Tell Tom:



Submitted by flyboy805 on

Had i known, i would have Sold ATT.
Is Version a Good Stock to switch ?

Submitted by padres74 on

You've taught us the ugliness of cryptocurrency. Thanks again Tomas.

Submitted by dude_lmao on

So, sell T and buy Gold?

In my opinion the simplest investment decision I've ever made is Tom's subscription fee. I just buy what he buys, it works great!

Submitted by Fender1 on

I can’t begin to tell you how many people have asked me, “Why don’t you own Bitcoin?” Or said, “You should invest in doggy coin!”

Submitted by cpk on

I've lived here in NV for 20 years and I've known many "professional gamblers". They show you their W-2G forms that they say they have to file because they won so much $$. Somehow, they never lose. But, they all seem to have jobs - why do you have to work when you're winning so much $$ gambling? I think we know. Just like the crypto suckers.