Mar 9th, 2022 | Leykis 101

WHAT TO DO IF YOUR "PARTNER" IS CONSTANTLY COMPLAINING Your Professor definitely has some things to say about this!

3 Ways to Stop Your Partner's Steady Stream of Complaints



Submitted by masterautotech on

thank you tom so much. just thank you for your advice. please know that your advice is great really thank you. please also I would like some off your healthy food recipes. more with whole wheat flour and bread maker recipes.

Submitted by bluenight900 on

Tom - you are 100% correct on this!
Listening to minute 16: me too had the expeireince of sex stopping right a way!
You said it for many years! but I failed you as a student and now I have learned my lesson!
$250,000 later and a nasty divorce!

Submitted by KK on

I appreciate all of the current Leykis 101 wisdom in this wild time!