Jul 15th, 2022 | In the News

WITH GASOLINE PRICES SO HIGH, SHOULD WE DO SOMETHING TO GET BACK AT OIL COMPANIES? So many people are so angry about high gas prices. And they want the President, Congress, or literally anyone to get even. Tom has a better plan. And you may not like it.

From Twitter: Senator Bernie Sanders on oil companies' profits

From Morningstar: Exxon Mobil Corp

From Morningstar: Shell PLC

From Morningstar: Chevron Corp



Submitted by Akocan35 on

So right about those dumb asses who get into their giant truck and harass everyone else on the road. Like I am supposed to feel bad for them idiots for dropping 300 bucks every time they pull into a gas station? Screw you and your truck.

Submitted by cpk on

I couldn't agree more. I got myself a used Prius for a couple of thousand bucks. It works great, I get gas once every 3 or 4 weeks (and I drive a fair amount) and most I've spent is $45. I bought a bunch of Exxon stock last Feb, plus all the pipeline stocks I have, so I'm making money, not having to spend much on gas and I can still afford Starbucks. And everytime some zz-top-beard-wearing, confederate flag waving asshole in a big huge outfit cuts me off all I can say is I'm glad you're dropping hundreds at the pumps. And I love how all of these "I hate socialism" (even though they don't know what that is) people are crying that the President should do something about gas prices. What happened to private enterprise? What happened to "we have to reduce government regulations"? people act like this is the first time gas has gotten expensive. Back in '08 Brent Crude was up around $140/barrel. Then prices went down, and people went out and started buying gas guzzlers again. They don't learn.

Submitted by Hubcap on

They likely don't remember a time during the 70s when there was *no* gas. Depending on the last digit of your license number, you could buy gas on an odd or even day. Many times, you were limited to 5 gallons. Oh, and that 55-mph speed limit. My dad owned a gas station at that time, and I recall him having to go put out that "sorry, no gas" sign while there was still a line of cars down the block. These folks got nothing to complain about, they are just trying to stick a 'kick me' sign to Biden's back.

Submitted by deweydec on

Thanks to this show I developed a plan to deal with higher gas prices. I already drive a paid off Accord that gets decent mileage. I already had some oil stocks, but now I dollar cost average into some oil&energy ETF's. I shopped around for lower car insurance and lowered my monthly rate. I fill up at Costco or some other reduced price location. And, I also use a rewards card to get 3% cash back at the pump and pay it off every month. While so many others are complaining, my fuel costs are barely up thanks to this plan.