Sep 17th, 2021 | Health and Lifestyle

52 POUNDS DOWN Now that Tom has lost so much weight, beyond listeners and followers, his friends are asking him how he's doing it. They're disappointed at the answer!

The new Tom Leykis.

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Submitted by appleguy1991 on

Stay healthy, Brother Tom. Thanks for saving my life in 1999. I will NEVER forget it.

Submitted by LeykisStreet on

Tom, this was a great episode. I am in agreement with you. After businesses have opened up again, I've actually found that I'm not really interested in going to restaurants anymore, mostly for the salt problem a lot of chefs have. I prefer cooking my own food from scratch, it's delicious in a lot of cases better tasting and healthier than restaurants and fast food joints. Congratulations on your weight lose, and please keep these Health & Lifestyle episodes coming! I'm lovin' 'em!

Submitted by Hubcap on


Do you take any meds for high blood pressure, cholesterol, or anything like that?

I discovered the side effects of the drugs that were supposed to be helping me were making me very sick. Told the doctor I was stopping everything and within a few weeks I felt years younger. So the paradox is that now that I don't take any meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, swollen prostate, anxiety, or excess stomach acid, I don't need meds because all those things have returned to normal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-medicine at all, but my experience has been that those drugs you have to take long term, may be doing more harm than good.

Another thing that's really bad that looks good are those protein shakes. Chocolate and strawberry with 30g of protein...I used to drink a few of those a day until I read the label. There is more sugar in one of those than a can of Coke!!

Submitted by cpk on

not only do many of them contain mega-calories and sugar but, FEW people can uptake 30g of protein at one time. unless you just ran a marathon, chances are, there will be much leftover protein that will then be broken down and converted to calories and stored as fat. People don't realize that protein has to be synthesized from the amino acids and applied to tissue repair within a short period of time. If you do a killer weight workout, where you're tearing muscle fibers, then that immediate protein intake goes to the repair of those tissues. but still, 30g is a lot and most likely, your body needs 15, maybe 20 g. the rest is broken down, which also taxes the kidneys.

Submitted by quinns on

Good on ya Tom!

Submitted by matt120 on

Really enjoy the health and lifestyle shows. If you could post any links here at Premium Tom that you've found on healthy cooking, meal ideas, or just general health, it would helpful and appreciated. I read the book you recommended on hypertension. It was good.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

I'm staying the course. It is not easy, but IT IS SIMPLE. I was in Publix yesterday, and walked straight through the cookies and cakes tables laughing, realizing I am no longer one of the fat asses waddling around this store filling my cart with sugar and salt. Summer 2020 I was 227 pounds at my lifetime MAXIMUM fat ass and my blood work was 'pre-diabetic' (aka pre-"you are about to have to take horrific medications and treatments for the rest of your fat ass life." Holy fuck!) Sept 18 2021: 178 pounds and 18 more to go. Blood work resolved.

Long slow distance mindset weight loss just works. It has to be a PERMANENT mindset change. And I don't use ANY special products or services either. I read about and study nutrition, psychology, and mindful thinking. Then... bite size bags of Heath and Snickers bars become Costco bags of blueberries. Toffee smothered peanuts (my personal meth laced crack snack of choice) become almonds, etc.

And for all my Hispanic Mexican hermanos y hermanas: I'm half Mexican so if you are using that as an excuse, wah wah: BULLSHIT!!!!! Mexicans can lose weight too. Most of my many cousins are very over weight and I used to think it was just genetic, so I could continue to stuff my fat face. I'm NOT barrel chested or big boned FFS! My other half is Irish, so no excuse either, you CAN stop drinking so damn much! No I didn't use a 12 step program. Just mindset. Everyday. And I just look and feel so damn much better to crave or want that anymore. (And yes, double whammy for me: "half mick half spic" as I like to say haha.)

I'm still debt free too. Mindset change folks. Tom is "trying to save your fucking lives!!!" Thanks Tom!

Submitted by Hubcap on

Nice work, man!
I have a similar tale although I've always been one of those very lucky few who could eat anything I wanted and not gain weight. But of course weight isn't the whole story. Every male on my father's side is dead from diabetes...nobody has made it to 70. (I'm almost 68)
So when the Dr used the phrase "pre-diabetic" I sat up and paid attention. I all but gave up drinking. I used to get home from work and put away at least a six pack and a few shots. Now I might have a couple beers a couple times a week. I'm much more careful about what I eat, and at my last checkup last month, all my blood work is well within normal now and without any medication. Now I'm working on cutting down on the weed. Not too difficult since it is still illegal here.
I live in southern Mexico, so here most food by default is fresh. I have mangoes, coconuts, pineapple and bananas growing my yard. And the locals here who still essentially live off the land aren't fat, they eat well and work hard.
But yeah, don't you love that feeling of power when you walk through the shit food aisles at the store, and say "I don't want any of that"?

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Congrats on your blood work!!! Yes! I do love that I'm not a fat ass anymore. 20 more pounds to go, and it's easy now. I did it just today again. Didn't even go down the soda aisle at my grocery store. I glanced down it, and smiled. Also, congrats on the alcohol too. Soda pop was harder for me to give up. But i have mastery over it all now. My attitude with soda pop and alcohol is same as ice cream. I can have it every once in a while. If I go to a party, I can indulge, and not even worry about it. I just don't want any of it that much any more. Keep it up my fellow P1!! Cheers from Florida to you in Southern Mexico!!

Submitted by cpk on

Totally on cue - you have to commit to a lifestyle change - which means for life! I haven't eaten fast food for decades and the thought of it now turns my stomach. But there was a time when I craved it. Bad food withdrawal is the toughest phase but once you get through it, you're free of the corporate-produced cravings. Weight loss is a constant battle for many, that's because they don't commit to a total life change the way Tom has outlined here. So I appreciate this episode and hope it reaches people and helps them make the change they need to be healthy. Maybe our healthcare costs will come down