Apr 24th, 2021 | Guest Interviews

72 BLACK BUSINESS EXECUTIVES TAKE A STAND ON VOTER SUPPRESSION In a recent 2-page ad in The New York Times, 72 Black executives of major corporations put their signatures stating their clear, point blank opposition to voter suppression laws being passed in states such as Georgia.

Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, senior Associate Dean for Leadership studies an Lester Crown Professor of Leadership Practice for the Yale School of Management tells Tom what it's all about.

72 Black business executives of major American corporations signed onto this ad in The New York Times opposing laws curtailing voting rights and suppressing Black voter participation.

72 Black executives sign letter urging corporate America to stand against voter suppression

Black Executives Call on Corporations to Fight Restrictive Voting Laws

The C.E.O.s Who Didn’t Sign a Big Defense of Voting Rights

What we learned from the first major FEC deadline after the insurrection

The GOP-Big Business Divorce Goes Deeper Than You Think

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Submitted by xboxown on

Hey tom! Can you make an interview with Tommy Sotommayor? He have a very intellectual perspective on these matters.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

Before Wells Fargo was Wells Fargo, it was First Interstate Bank. FIB pissed me off more than 30+ years ago for a problem they refused to make right. So I closed my account and I banned them for life. But you have to keep track. I hated Wells Fargo decades before their crimes against their customers were made public past few years. "Corporations are people too" right? So, I cut people like Wells Fargo out of my life like a cancer. Sorry corporations, there is no redemption for you if you cross the line. And all the mergers acquisitions and rebrandings cannot save you either. I'm talking about you too Bank of America aka Countrywide, et al.

Submitted by aofrailey on

People who tend to view corporations as evil need to be reminded that because we live in a capitalistic culture, our very existence depends on successful corporations. Not only do these companies provide the essential services and products supporting the best lifestyle in the world, many jobs are provided by corporations. Social programs like Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment would not exist were it not for the taxes paid by the corporations, not to mention their employees. All of you bleeding heart liberals who are at war with corporations ought to get a grip.