Oct 19th, 2019 | Guest Interviews

NOT AFRAID OF BURNING IN HELL Ron Reagan Jr. tells the story of how his 5-year-old commercial proclaiming his atheism appeared in a CNN Democratic debate and suddenly catapulted him to the top position in Google searches. Tom and Ron talk about atheism, separation of church and state, why Ron thinks Trump's actions in the Middle East constitute a "clusterfuck" and more!

Here's the New York Post's take on Ron Reagan's atheism commercial.

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Here's the commercial that caused all the fuss:



Submitted by TallTim on

The middle east was a clusterfuck long before Trump got involved.

I'm glad we're not participating in that shitshow anymore. Our servicemen/women deserve better than to be mired in endless conflicts over there.

Hard to make a case for perpetual intervention when lives are at stake. If the squabbling children of the Middle East want to fight, let them.