Jun 9th, 2021 | Leykis 101

HOT VAX SUMMER That's what they're calling it! In most cases, we've gone without sex for 16 months now. So everyone is threatening to go for broke this summer. Your Professor doesn't want you to forget the most important tenets of his curriculum. Take this episode wherever you go this summer!

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Submitted by yamamotd on

Hey Tom, I never get tired of listening to Leykis 101. Get reminder for all us guys. I do miss the callers who think they are the exception to the rule. When the females called to argue with you . . . that was the best. Take - care.

Submitted by rassteven@yahoo.com on

Fantastic episode. Really enjoyed the class. It's been a while since I have attended a new session. Awesome to hear the professor on fire declaring this a summer of F. Take me out Kobe Style.

Submitted by Akocan35 on

oh boy! People can't fucking be happy with themselves and need someone else to keep them company? That makes them feel better? Pathetic! You as a human need to read, research and pick up new hobbies. If you can't do that no one would sincerely help you. They (women) all have ulterior motives and as soon as you don't provide them with what they need( can be a free rent, or fuck sessions and when they find someone with a bigger dick, you will be history) they will leave you. And you gonna be standing in middle of your room and say " but whyyyy!!!!" Been there done it... That why we are all listening to father and his lectures.