May 15th, 2021 | Tom Talks

NEVER APOLOGIZE Tom recently made a comment on Twitter and all hell broke loose. A number of members of the hashtag brigade called for his head and demanded that he apologize. He didn't. He never does.

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Submitted by reaper69316 on

Is it me or do they all have some cloud sharing dirty file on virtually every famous person, influencer, or politician? All the comments just kept referencing the same old "In 1993.." bullshit like clockwork.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

I'd post on twatter, but my burner account got burnt, and I can read only. But I did see that thread dad. My favorite part of this social media comments clusterfuck is the morons posting about the domestic incident. They don't realize Tom has talked about that on the radio for years. lol They think they are outing this big GOTCHA, but listeners know this is not a secret. Fucking hilarious. Genius dad. The fucking social media mob is eventually going to devour itself, and i am enjoying watching it go down. Just like that Black Mirror episode Nosedive. We are living it right now. As to the threats Tom, this is probably a little paranoid, but I used to work search and rescue, and a good navigator could triangulate your ranch location, if you post enough pictures of the ranch in various directions. Yeah I'm a little OCD when it comes to online security but these days you can't be too careful. It is full on war in cyber space right now. If we could know whats really going on right now, our heads would explode. The oil pipeline and water treatment plants are just the beginning. Tighten up your Internet security at home and work. This is gonna get ugly.