Oct 15th, 2020 | Money Podcast

WHAT TRUMP & COMPANY KNEW THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW Were you one of the many Americans who lost money last spring due to COVID-19's effect on the stock market, your investments, and your retirement? Find out about some who may not have lost money and, in fact, may have made money while you lost!

From The New York Times: As Virus Spread, Reports of Trump Administration’s Private Briefings Fueled Sell-Off

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Submitted by TimTim on

Thanks for the heads-up Tom! We sure are heading into a unforeseeable time.

Submitted by driftmasterj on

Thank you Father! I turned off my Vanguard auto investment until Feb 2021.

Submitted by OldMother on

I totally missed this. Thanks for the due diligence on our behalf. I'm reading it now.