Dec 13th, 2019 | Leykis 101

THE PRIMARY WAY TODAY'S WOMEN GET RICH Today's women are attending higher education at a higher rate than ever. Today's women are getting more advanced degrees than ever. Even more than men! How's that working out for everyone? Your Professor explains.

Here's the February 2019 New York Post article that started it all.

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Submitted by AuralAssassin on

With alimony and child support laws, they marry under false pretenses and expect cash and prizes for FAKING it.
Separate accounts, separate living spaces. See where things stand then...

Submitted by TallTim on

This is how far its gone, Tom.

Women know they come out ahead when it comes to divorce and vaginamony, so there are discussions used in dating strategy forums that women frequent using the term "Starter Husband".
You know, just your "starter" until you figure out who you really want to fuck, then you financially fuck over the guy you are with and move on with your life! tee-hee!

This is absolutely disgusting to me, and is very likely a driving factor for why men are refusing to commit like they did before.

The game is tilted, the roll is fixed, and men are tired of paying the price.

Submitted by on

Part of it is college degrees are largely worthless. Women are more likely to study worthless stuff. Women study in subjects like gender studies, biology, psychology, and childhood development. Tom is right also, about women spending everything.

Submitted by Vessel on

Funny how they are shy when they should ask for promotion, don`t feel entitled for a pay raise working 12+ hours a day, but yet feel really entitiled when it comes to their boyfiend / husband / spouse / ex money , when they haven`t earrned even 0.00001% of them.