Sep 9th, 2019 | Tom Talks

SERENA WILLIAMS LOSES AGAIN! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? A lot! What can you learn from Serena's recent professional failure after so much success? What should you change about yourself to make sure something like this doesn't happen to you? Listen as Tom fills you in.

Read about the former AOL executive who retired at 52 and then realized what he had done wrong!

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Submitted by TallTim on

You see it in the corporate world too. Once a woman has a kid, a switch flips and they could give a damn about what they were doing before.

Serena is just kidding herself that she can keep up two major efforts at once. Its part of the same lie that keeps women in the workforce. When you really get down to it, women don't want to have to work and be the breadwinner. Given the choice, they'd rather do anything else.

No surprise to me, Tom. I guess she'll learn it the hard way if she keeps on trying to play.

Submitted by Wyllie23 on

Tom, I'm in Escondido and you hit the nail right on the head about Stone Brewing and the kids there! I used to take dates there all the time during the summer when they had these movie nights on the lawn and only adults could go except for one night a month when they had a kids movie which was fair enough. Great set-up, you drank, you got decent food, and the movie itself didn't cost anything and sometimes the Rifftrax guys would even show up and perform. Fast forward to a year ago when I tried to take a date there again. The lawn where the movie screen usually was is now a playground. Literally. It's like a dog park for kids. They moved the screen to the far back lawn where there's very limited seating up in front of it, then behind that seating the ground is completely uneven and un-sittable for 15-20 feet because of a giant boulder in the Earth so you have to go beyond that to the patio tables. Now the screen is upwards of 40-50 feet away so you can barely see it, let alone hear the speakers. And even with all this, kids are STILL running up and down between you and the movie because the boulder is an open space for them too! We were both extremely disappointed, I stopped looking at Stone's upcoming events and haven't been back since.

Submitted by gigs1777 on

Hi Tom, love the podcast! You should do your next one on this ridiculous Ms. Monopoly game where women start with MORE money than men. The Hasbro video has a up-vote to down-vote ratio similar to the Gillette shaming video!