Aug 24th, 2019 | Money Podcast

POWERFUL MONEY INFORMATION RIGHT WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST the stock market has been a rough go recently, as Tom long ago predicted. Here is the information you need to survive trade wars and stormy seas, including a specific piece of information Tom has never provided before. For Tom, whose total dividends and interest will likely top $300,000 this year regardless of what happens in the market, it's the difference between making or losing money this year. This is exactly the kind of information our followers are paying for!

This is the powerful article to which Tom refers in this episode.

Here is the book that is Tom's bible for understanding all of the Wall Street terms you read and hear.

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Submitted by Nobody of note on

I listened to the whole thing. And I'm probably going to stick with my index funds for now. Based on how early I started saving, I can do almost nothing that I'm not already doing and even with underperforming the average 6-8% return from index fund investing by a few percentage points I'd be a millionaire by 50, and a multimillionaire by retirement age. And it's only uphill from there. I've set myself up so I can always decide to get more involved later on and won't have to play catch-up to cover the basics. Part of that is listening whenever Tom talks about money, even if I don't take all his advice right away.

Submitted by horrorbreakdown on

I enjoyed the show. I've been 90% in the cash options within my 401K and IRA for the last few months, with only about 10% of my money into the markets. The markets are going to be on sale very soon, and I wanted to be poised to make some gains when that happens.