Jan 10th, 2019 | Tom Talks

TOM RETURNS TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME There was no new podcast on January 9th. That's because, on January 8th, Tom had to bring his pickup from the ranch in Northern Santa Barbara County to Burbank to begin collecting his gear, numerous possessions, and many memories of six-and-a-half amazing years. What was that like? Who was there? How did it feel to be back? How does Tom feel knowing that he's giving the keys back in just a few weeks? It's all right here.

Click here to see Tom's photos taken on January 8, 2019 as The New Normal Studios are being dissembled.

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Submitted by mistaphill on

Very sad to see the studio in this state, but grateful for the show that was produced there and the times I came down for various events. Thank you, Tom.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...you were such a big part of it. Thanks so much for all your support.



Submitted by TallTim on

I haven't followed you as long as some, but I really appreciate you going through the studio and telling us the backstory on different aspects. Honestly, I didn't know that you guys were in a former Laundromat. When I'd hear the intro bumper on the show, I just thought it was a bit of quirky humor. Now I get the full significance.

Like you said, its bittersweet, but time marches on. I'm glad you're continuing to entertain and inform, and I plan to stick with you as long as you're willing to do so.



Submitted by Jim Trimble on

What happened to the boys when they were axed. I am very disappointed on the breakup. Is there any chance that a new show can be reset.

Submitted by Migraine69@hotm... on

Thanks Tom,
Pretty sure that same bitter sweetness was felt by the P1's who've enjoyed the shit out of the Tom Leykis Show. Good times...

Submitted by MR404 on

I agree with many of the points you made, especially the point about people not wanting to call into a talk show (as much) anymore and people not caring if something is live, however I disagree about people not wanting to hear opposing opinions. I think most people do like to hear a good debate or maybe even an argument. Opposing views provide conflict and conflict is still as entertaining on radio as it is when watching a good movie.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...many of those people didn't want to pay for content.



Submitted by gokusan on

I agree with you Tom. People do not like to talk on the phone anymore. All people want to do is text. Regardless, I look forward to renewing my subscription and listening to you a lot in 2019 and beyond. :)

Submitted by The Goddamn Bacon on

No matter what happens from here on out, you made the point that you could host a live show and make it profitable, both in a monetary sense for the show itself, and the impact it made in people's lives around the world. Even though the studio is no more, it's mark will stay forever. Thanks for everything, and keep in touch with each other. The most important thing in life is other people.

- Bacon

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

...are what I miss the most...the listeners and my crew. Thanks for your continued support!



Submitted by HKG01 on

Can't thank you and the guys enough Tom. I listened daily from here in Hong Kong and have even downloaded many key shows and all Leykis101 episodes for future reference. Incredible.

Submitted by Mike Hawthorne on

I really enjoyed your observations on why call in shows don't get calls so much any more, and I agreed with it all. I think there is also another factor, which is that a lot of people probably never much liked talking on the phone anyway, but before smartphones came along you pretty much had to speak on the phone if you wanted to communicate, so they toughened up and got on with it. A lot of the move from the phone to written modes of communication is social avoidance. Once socially avoidant people get out of the habit of talking on the phone, their tolerance threshold for calls ratchets downwards until they hardly use the phone even to speak to family and friends. Anybody in that mindset would find the idea of calling a radio host to engage in a spirited discussion absolutely terrifying. I'm not saying that everybody is at that extreme, but I do think that smartphones have shifted the entire stack downwards when it comes to ballsyness on the phone, and that has to have an impact on the overall willingness of the audience to engage via phone.

Submitted by xboxown on

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh I go wild when you go "and uh..." in that deep voice...it gives me a huge grin on my face.......DON'T YOU EVER CHANGE!!!.

Submitted by NoFap23 on

The spirit of the studio will live on forever in our hearts. Dad, thank you for all that you did here at the studio, and still do with the podcast. I hope you still do listener dinners, because even though the live show ended, the other traditions don’t necessarily need to end.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

We will be announcing a listener event coming up SOON!