Nov 20th, 2018 | Tom Talks

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? How did an amazing sellout evening with 40 of Tom's biggest fans turn into this? One thing's for sure: if we ever do another dinner, you'll want to be there to see what happens next!

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Submitted by tannydavid on

Tom, I remember you talking about the time you did a live broadcast, but you mentioned another place (I guess another bar) during the entire show since the bar you were doing the show from tripled the prices of beer, and the offending place later went out of business I think. I'd like to hear the story about it again. Take me out with a bong hit.

Submitted by TallTim on

Hey Tom, had a chance to catch up to this episode. I completely agree with your stance, and I'd like to provide some perspective as a guy that worked security details like that in restaurants and clubs. If the management had a problem, they should've escalated properly. This means, coming to you or Gary, expressing that some people didn't like the louder comments, and what they would like you to do about it. This is how you handle it responsibly --- at the same time, not heaping blame on you guys.

People drink and say lots of different things. We're human, that's how it works. If Management isn't used to boisterous people in their restaurant having a good time, then they should just close the doors. It isn't a museum, it isn't a place of worship - its a bar/restaurant where people go to relax and let their hair down. Management should know this. It was further compounded by the GM complaining to her security people, creating a "Us vs. Them" mindset.

That guy should NEVER threaten to call the police unless it was absolutely necessary. This in the industry is like dropping an A-Bomb instead of saying "Hey guys, I know you are having a great time but we really need it be at a dull roar.. thanks!"

I'm sure that would've gone down a lot differently if they had simply stated their stance and let you guys go on with your night. It was hardly the incident that anyone should threaten to call the cops for. The police would've probably laughed with you outside even if it had happened. Just crazy.

Love the show Tom, and it sucks you had to deal with people that don't know how to do their jobs properly.

Submitted by TallTim on

I appreciate that thought. Wish I had been there, but I had other responsibilities.

Submitted by thomasj on

Caught the podcast, Tom. You and Gary gave a good description of the night, but I don't want anyone to think that it was like a beer hall in October. I was sitting dead center facing the windows.and 97% of the evening was eating, drinking, and low-level conversations among friends (with the common touchstone of the Tom Leykis Show). Every attendee had their perspective on why they appreciated you, the show, the new podcasts, and their personal road to Leykis 101 (and beyond). It was only infrequently that some grumbling like "that bitch" or "fuck her" was heard and there was only one brief D-T-B chant that I recall and it grew and faded fast. I was there the entire night and most of the conversation was about people following your advice, growing their portfolios, and learning to respect and love themselves first.

In retrospect, I really think you hit the nail on the head. The issue there was the female ownership/management and their inability to reconcile a roomful of (primarily) men calling out American Women for the scandalous (self-absorbed) skanks that most of them are. Hell, if the men elsewhere in the place heard this truth, it could cut their over-$40 receipts substantially. Men respecting themselves, taking care of themselves first, and saving their money - why that could shake the foundations of American Womanhood and the subtle dominance it attempts to exert on us all..

Anyway, as always, your events are well worth the cost, well worth finding a way to take the time to attend, and each one is uniquely educational in it's own way. I look forward to the next one. Cheers!

Submitted by pcguru2000 on

I have a hard time expressing myself when I'm nervous especially speaking on live radio. I have fed the content kitty a few times during the live show. If this were a live show, this is what I would have liked to talk about with my fellow Leykis listeners.

In my personal opinion, the Leykis meetings are partially used by it's members as therapeutic relief of Traumatic events that occurred to members, in a private setting. Some of us experienced trauma from women, from family members, etc. The Tom Leykis show is a virtual type of these meetings that offers understanding, advice and sometimes a little tough love, but is still considered to be therapeutic. Some of us sit on our chairs and listen to other's stories. Some of us tell their story. Everyone that listens in is helped.

I believe that the restaurant private space, services, and food was paid for indirectly by members, and there was an expectation of services, food, and real estate usage for the price paid by everyone. Did the restaurant convey rules concerning the private room that were agreed to about noise generated, content, or anything that would have prevented the partial rendering of services? To go further, everyone has an expectation that the food, the service, and time the tables are rented for is part of the agreement for a certain sume of money. This is not fast food and it is priced appropriately. If you wanted to sit down at a restaurant, and eat your meal there, and they showed up with doggy bags and said get out, would you feel you had to pay full price for what you ordered.

A restaurant has a right to refuse service and more appropriately needs to tell you if they want to refuse services. If they do, you have the choice not to pay. The restaurants action of refusing services needs to conveyed to the customer at the time they feel you have violated their rules, not when it's convenient for them right after you've paid in the middle of your meal. In my oppinion, this is grounds for a partial or full reduction of the bill. Since I believe that time spent in a restaurant, and customer service is 50% of the bill, if the food and drink were the other 50% and were 100% excellent, I would request a refund of 50% of the total bill. Paying the bill is not a prima facie case that you were satisfied with the services and ready to go at that moment. A lot of business charge you ahead before even getting any services rendered and that does not absolve the business of providing you with the expected rendered services. I believe if your meal was cut short, and you were asked to leave, the restaurant rightfully refused you service, but you also rightfully could refuse to pay some or all of what was charged. In my oppinion, Tom is owed not only a refund but also an appology.

I know you may think I'm going overboard in this next paragraph but P1's civil rights were violated at the restaurant. There are many groups out there that have PTSD and get together to talk and therapeutically make their life better. If this was a meeting of vets returning from Afghanistan, that were telling their stories with as much vigor and emotion during a moment or flashback caused by PTSD, a certified disability. Wouldn't you be disgusted if a restaurant kicked them out due to the restaurant not liking the content? Would a woman's rape victim's group be treated this way if a woman stood up and yelled "THAT FUCKER SHOULD HAVE HIS BALLS CUT OFF!" This restaurant staff would be handing out free deserts and drinks to those groups they like. Then why is it that we have less rights than those people and are mistreated? The restaurant at the very least should publicly appologize to all P1's wether you were at the restaurant or not.

I was looking at the help reviews and it looks like one P1's review was blocked under the section "Reviews Removed for Violating our Terms of Service", another the rest of the reviews were blocked under the "that are not currently recommended" section. In that section Travis with 40 reviews shouldn't have been blocked. I bet you this restaurant pays beaucoup bucks with yelp and yelp helps them by pigeon holing the 1 star reviews that don't help the business.

Google reviews don't appear to block reviews. Can everyone please repost your exact reviews on google. Search for "A.O.C.
8700 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA" and you'll see the restaurant pop up on th e right side. Then on the right side click on the text that say 359 google reviews (the number will change as people write reviews). That will pop up a new page, then on the top right, click on the button that says "write reviews."

Just as an thought...
If a restaurant with 359 4.5 star reviews were to suddenly have an additional 100 one star reviews, I think the average would drop down to 3.73 stars. I'm not sure if I'd want to dine at an expensive restaurant that had almost as little as 3 and a half stars.

The me too movement uses review sites and social media to take down the ratings of an abortion clinic, maybe the 1900 leykis listeners could be a very powerful force to deal with when everyone of the listeners were to generate reviews of their own personal opinion on a business. If this were to happen AOC would be the very last restaurant to pull this stunt.