Past Shows

WOW! THE DOW DROPS OVER 1,000 POINTS What do we do now? Find out what Tom did as a result, and what YOU should do. Also, find out what you SHOULDN'T do now!<--break->

Tom Talks

WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE HATE BILLIONAIRES? Tom says you need to face it: the fact that so many of us hate billionaires is a reflection of ourselves! Will your vote in the 2020 election be influenced by how you feel about billionaires?

Be Funny

FROM THE VAULT: ANOTHER 1980 EPISODE OF THE ORIGINAL BE FUNNY This is where it all started. Tom was 24 in New York City and buried in a very late-night radio slot where he had the freedom to develop the ultimate freeform call-in show. Full of original content and characters you've never heard before! There was no screener or producer, so this show is about as raw as it gets!

MORE STORIES ABOUT CREEPING DEADBEATISM It's all around us! People borrowing money they can't afford to pay back, and the journalists who feel sorry for them! Plus, learn the reason why YOU shouldn't feel sorry for them.

Leykis 101

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE ALONE ON VALENTINE'S DAY Your Professor has a special message for those of you who've spent Valentine's Day alone, but have been having second thoughts. Do you feel lonely? Or badly? You need this message.

Leykis 101

BEWARE OF VALENTINE'S DAY Your Professor goes deep on why you need to lay low on Valentine's Day. And now, for the first time, Your Professor tells you how to finesse Valentine's Day if you've ignored his advice and moved in with or married someone.