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IS THIS SITCOM AS OFFENSIVE AS SOCIAL MEDIA SAYS IT IS? Meet Reza Aslan, creator of the new CBS sitcom United States of Al, responds to social media criticism that the show, produced along with superstar sitcom producer Chuck Lorre, "glorifies war" or "stereotypes Muslims".

Tom Talks

LOYALTY what good is loyalty, especially if it's not mutual? It usually isn't. Here's what to do about that.

COME INSIDE THE JANUARY 6TH INSURRECTION with citizen photojournalist Brendan Gutenschwager, whose videos of the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting in Kenosha, the incidents at the Michigan Capitol, and the January 6th Insurrection are turning journalism on its ear!

Tom Talks

DIGITAL VS. ANALOG: WHAT HAVE WE LOST? Things are different now: movies, music, and television, are all digital, streaming, on-demand experiences with no physical properties such as album covers or lyric sheets, videotapes or records. Should we care?

Leykis 101

HER PROBLEMS ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEMS Many men who are getting fucked and sucked by a woman end up feeling obligated to help her with her various problems: financial, family, mental illness, PMS, other men's children, and more. Your Professor has some advice for you.

HOW WILL MAJOR LEAGUE ATHLETES REACT TO GEORGIA'S VOTER SUPPRESSION LAW? Georgia's governor Brian Kemp just signed a racist voter suppression bill into law. Will major league athletes boycott the state of Georgia or the MLB All-Star Game, scheduled for Atlanta this summer? Sports manager Eric Mitchell has been talking to major league players and he tells Tom what he's hearing.