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Hour 1: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 2: Flash Friday/WOP Hour 3: Flash Friday/WOP


Hour 1: Traditional Radio. CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason claims via the Hollywood Reporter, in response to a recent article that features Tom, that radio is bigger than ever! Tom wants to know if you are listening to more traditional radio than ever? Hour 2: College Grads Can't Afford Homes. A new report shows that recent college grads are so far in debt with student loans that they cant afford to buy homes. Hour 3: Leykis 101. Hour 4: Leykis 101. Don't miss this. Classic Call: James The Pussy.


Hour 1: Brian Phelps of Mark & Brian joins Tom in studio. Hour 2: Cont Brian Phelps. Hour 3: Be Funny.


Hour 1: Angry Female Listener Email. Some chick is pissed that her boyfriend is using Leykis 101 tactics in their relationship so she decided to go straight to the source, in turn proving The Professors advice. Hour 2: Cont Angry Female. After hearing her letter read on the air last hour, Christine called into the show. Tom continues his discussion with her along with taking your calls. Hour 3: Cont Angry Female.


Hour 1: Todd Akin Rape Statement. After the ABSURD statement Rep. Todd Akin made in regards to pregnancy and rape, Tom wants to know if you think politicians are getting far more stupid each election cycle. Hour 2: Money Monday. Hour 3: Mark Thompson. Mark of the Mark & Brian Show joins Tom to discuss the end of an era in LA radio mornings.


Hour 1: WOP/Flash Friday. Tom reflects on the final Mark & Brian show. Hour 2: WOP/Flash Friday. Hour 3: WOP/Flash Friday. Hour 4: WOP/Flash Friday.


Hour 1: An Open Letter To My Wife. Tom reads an AMAZING letter on the air. Hour 2: Cont Open Letter. Hour 3: Leykis 101. Hour 4: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: College. Are you having difficulty with the outrageous price tag of attending college in today's climate? Hour 2: Cont College discussion. Hour 3: Be Funny.


Hour 1: Taylor Grey Meyer joins Tom on the phone to discuss her experience with the San Diego Padres- she told them to suck her dick in response to their hiring process. Hour 2: The False American Dream. Do you feel that, even after having made all the 'right' moves, the system is stacked against you? Hour 3: Chad Ochocinco. Tom wants to know why the hell you need someone to make you happy


Hour 1: Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan as his presidential running mate, do you know who he is or care? Hour 2: Money Monday. Hour 3: Money Monday.