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Hour 1: Retard. Does the word retard offend you? Hour 2: Is Anything Offensive Anymore? Hour 3: Donald Trump's Explosive Info. Tom gets the jump on Donald Trump and releases the "explosive" information Trump has been teasing about President Obama. Special in studio guest Al Rantel.


Hour 1: The Tom Leykis Show Presents: Leykis 201. Now in session. Hour 2: Cont Leykis 201 World Debut. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: WOP/Flash Friday. Hour 2: WOP/Flash Friday. Hour 3: WOP/Flash Friday. Hour 4: WOP/Flash Friday. Classic Calls: Maria From San Francisco (Bitch).


Hour 1: Tom On TMZ.com. Hour 2: Unborn Baby Murder Charge. Hour 3: Leykis 101. Hour 4: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: Presidential Debate. Hour 2: Undesirable Cities. What area would you not want people to know you live in? Hour 3: Be Funny.


Hour 1: Ultimatums. Has she given you an ultimatum? Leave. Now. Hour 2: Cont Ultimatums. Hour 3: Cont Your Ultimatum Calls.


Hour 1: Space Shuttle Inglewood Meme. Racist? Hour 2: Money Monday. Hour 3: Money Monday.


Hour 1: WOP/Flash Friday Hour 2: WOP/Flash Friday Hour 3: WOP/Flash Friday Classic Calls: Sullimon Challenges Art Webb.


Hour 1: Michael Savage & Adam Carolla are full of shit. Hour 2: Cont Bullshit Ratings. Hour 3: Leykis 101. Hour 4: Leykis 101.


Hour 1: US Presidential Race. Hour 2: Continue US Presidential Race. Hour 3: Be Funny.