May 11th, 2023 | Tom Talks

SHE REGRETS TAKING IN HER AUTISTIC COUSIN Read the post below and then hear what Tom has to say. What would you have done?



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Twitter hello Tom, I have an update about Twitter.

His problem is he thinks he is smarter than everyone else.

The update is they kicked me off. That’s right our buddy Elon, or Elon bust has kicked me off Twitter.
I was under the handle (“Action Welding” OR “Welding Action’) which is my part time business. I’m a subscriber Brian butler from Florida, floriduhh yeah that state. You may remember it from the metal welding pictures and videos, but I also used it to express my thoughts and options. I only followed you and 9 other people, that’s it. I loved reading the funny stuff and facts you laid out on twitter tom. Yes, I fact checked you when you said (“look it up” and yes it was true) everything you say is true tom!

So now what do I do? Do I cry about it! Do I complain? Do I fight back? I do miss and will miss talking and hearing directly from you tom, I really do care tom. I was able to send you a direct message but now I cannot. I’m still able to read your facts and opinions tom. Thank you so much and I miss you man. I have now joined Post NEWS, another social media site. And so far, so good, its real factual news stories, better opinion pieces, real world issues laid out. The best part is you are there. I have looked for the truth in life and a mentor since we left an abusive dad at age 14. I can only imagine how much better I could have done, how far I could have gotten in life with your words and leadership I read every day tom Wow! Money, women, social issues, food, travel, personal fulfillment. I’m getting this now from YOU TOM. That is why I penned this letter. I’m learning, I’m getting better, I’m working harder. I’m cutting people out of my life and digging myself out of a very big hole. It feels good I feel good. I’m so happy to turn on my phone, computer login and listen with my green note pad every time, fact I write so much when I listen the spiral bond holes are falling apart lol, I look it wow.

The answer is no if they want me gone, I'm gone. I love my right of “freedom of speech”, I love others’ rights for freedom of speech and respect that and respect them. However, I do not like Elon Musk. I do not like the trolls, racist’s, stupid unproven opinions, written by others on Twitter they are not facts.

So yes, Tom I’m off Twitter you may have noticed that I have not left any comments or likes on your page. but that's just due to our buddy, Mr. smart guy, Mr. Elam boss man who has thrown me off Twitter and has deactivated my account permanently. Which I must admit pissed me off because it severed the direct connection with you I'm shaking thing about it. I'm gone, I will never return. when people gain power and money what happens? do they get better? i think about it and my buddy elon could have move his companys to the poorest nations, India, Africa brazil and set up shop, jobs, farms, roads, water but no! I will also say this, it will be interesting in the future what Twitter will end up being or end up becoming. As of now I have been using Google search to type in your specific Twitter handle Tom. I read and enjoy the tweets, the replies, the likes, the comments, I still enjoy it. But I will not be intimidated, I will not be bullied. I had to think about it for a while if I wanted to rejoin under a new name or a new handle and at this point I do not. If my opinions and thoughts and facts are not respected, I don't want to rejoin Twitter. Ps I also hate Facebook, but I might come back to the money page.