Feb 8th, 2023 | Tom Talks

WHAT DOES 168 MEAN TO ME? A lot, it turns out!



Submitted by heven729 on

Using the inflation calculator on the US Bureau of Statistics website, $168 in 1966 is equivalent to $1,567.98 today! Most adults do not have amount saved in a checking account! That’s a huge achievement for you as a kid and now I completely understand why the number 168 is embedded in your mind.

Submitted by beastiedogz on

In Cantonese/China:
"The number 168 is lucky because of the sentence that it phonetically sounds similar to in Cantonese. It sounds similar to “one path to prosperity”: 1 is “one”, 6 is “path”, and 8 sounds like “prosperity/luck”. Therefore, you tend to see the number 168 at Casinos" and one of the Asian markets near me is 168.

Submitted by masterautotech on

Tom this was a great episode I learned a lot. Tom I think you have a new side project. You need to find this guy from the dollar savings bank. There must be records or document online about who this guy is. Find him Tom it will complete the story.

Submitted by RudyRayRay on

My father did a similar thing when I was in 8th grade. He got arrested for drunk driving and spent a night in jail and my uncle begged me for $200 to get him out...I was PISSED OFF and I never forgot that.