Sep 24th, 2021 | Tom Talks

"HE CONNED ME INTO MARRYING HIM!" A Reddit post from an abandoned single mother who can't get any help from her family or her friends sends Tom into outer space!

Here's the story from Yahoo Life that Tom is talking about.

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Submitted by Exidor on

Tom I loved tonight‘s program about that single mom and by the way I listened to your broadcast couple nights ago about the reasons and your methods for your weight loss very interesting .
I’m Dave from Victoria , I’m on your Facebook page , I’m quite sure you remember me over the years when you had your call in show back in the day , and when you had the app mobile app .
I often would call in , I’m pretty sure , I am one of the only three people that ever called you from Victoria , British Columbia
I’m very happy to announce that I subscribed, to premium TOM , three days ago and I’m really enjoying it so far
It is fantastic to listen to you again .
I’m really hoping you’re going to do the , Why do you HATE , the homeless segment , at Christmas time again .
That made me laugh my ass off . Would it be possible to ask Dino , or Gary for help with this ? Or could you just take some on line calls ?
Pre record perhaps some listeners thoughts about the homeless .
Dad , you really made a difference in my life . Love you Tom , and Thanks .