May 27th, 2021 | Tom Talks

WHAT NOW? After being under a lockdown for over 15 months, Tom finally has the green light to return to normal activities. What the hell does that mean?

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Submitted by gokusan on

"Some people don't understand that sitting in your own house alone in peace and eating snacks and minding your own business is fucking priceless. - Tom Hardy

Submitted by John Nett on

I don't care what anybody says, there is still a shitload of Corona virus out there. Anti-vaxxers, wait and seers, nonbelievers, fence sitters are all over and they are vectors of the disease. Some will lie about being vaccinated just to enter a saloon or a restaurant. They can not be trusted.

If you have been vaccinated, it is my understanding that should you contract the virus you may feel bad or under the weather a bit but you wont be on a ventilator on your stomach in a hospital or dead in a refrigerated shipping container.

Dr. Emanual Goldman, a virologist, microbiologist, and a professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School put me at ease on the January 9, 2021 episode. He said the corona virus is a very delicate organism with a half life of one day on surfaces. I believe if we follow his Three W's, vaccinated people should be fine. Wear a mask. Watch your distance. Wash your hands. I'll add another: Do not touch your face.

I carry a tiny little bottle of hand sanitizer in my pants pockets and I use it. I'm not paranoid just being appropriately cautious.

I still get everything delivered to me and don't go into stores or saloons where drunks and loud talkers misbehave. That will change, but for me, not now. We just have to be smart this deal.

Submitted by TurquoiseTurtle on

Another great podcast Tom.

More than anything I miss Art’s LAUGH from the old days. Why did he have to go and get a gurrrrrlfriend and leave the crew...?

Submitted by misterdgc on

Yeah, going to concerts, parties, seeing friends is sorta fun, but often feel a desire to leave these "fun" activities! Good part of lockdown was the perfect ironclad guilt free way to decline an invite. "Aww, gee! to bad there's that pandemic, maybe when it's over we can do X,Y,Z... Darn!" --- I'd would lie. (Especially relatives who's events sometimes you prefer to not attend , but can't really avoid without some kind of blowback...) Most of the time a lot of this stuff is just a big waste of time! I would rather not have to be out around in public. Too many random erratic, violent, sketchy, ignorant, stupid, irresponsible cretins out there! Not to mention having to be in traffic/ on hellish public transportation with the usual dangerous nut jobs!

Submitted by cpk on

There are a lot of us who now are totally content to not go to festivals, parks where there are lots of people, etc. I just like being at home with my dogs. People are really annoying, and now I realize that more than ever. It's just too overwhelming to go meet with lots of people. One shrink from Miami calls this "cave syndrome"
I think I have that.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

How you feel now Tom, is how I've felt my whole life with moderate irrational germophobia. It's more the general filthy nastiness of humans than germs really. This nasty neurosis was never debilitating, and I didn't not go to places or let it deter me in anyway. But whenever I saw morons who didn't wash their hands after taking a shit and just walk out, or pick their noses in public, or the worst: hotel rooms which are just disgusting even at 5 star resorts. (Do not ever take a black light into hotel rooms.) I also have a hotel room rating system called the 'Curly Q Rating' which is based on a factor of Q= 0 - 1.0 range, with zero being no hairs in the bed sheets. 1.0 being more than a couple hairs in the sheets. Kind of like the coefficient of friction number. Any and all all curly hairs are considered to be pubic, and one curly Q is enough to require a room change. lol I have a zero touch policy when it comes to public restrooms, and public anything for that matter. I cringe whenever I had to touch door handles etc in public. For all the same reasons you mention Tom. I carry tissues, or grab a paper towel to touch a door handle, or the key grab trick, but then your key is now contaminated with whtever boogers were on that handle. Shopping carts? I just gag vomit a little in my mouth when go to the store (like when Sweet Dee tried to do standup comedy in It's Always Sunny in Phillidelpia). lol kidding. For hotel rooms, I do crazy OCD type things like bring plastic Saran wrap or packing stretch wrap used to for moving. Tip: wrap those nasty jizz, booger n snot covered hotel room TV remotes in plastic, so you don't have to touch it at all, but so it still functions. A zip lock bag accomplishes the same thing. I lay plastic wrap or sheets of paper out on surfaces before placing things like my toiletry bag on the bathroom counter. Things like my toothbrush can never touch anything, especially in a hotel room. If I drop it, it gets thrown out immediately. So I carry backups lol. Crazy shit like that, which now, many people are thinking about. So you can say, I've been pandemic ready my whole life. haha

Submitted by Drago on

I was a germophobe long before it was cool. I very rarely get the cold or flu. One thing I've noticed (and STILL notice) is that the vast majority of people don't wash their hands before eating or handling food. Nasty! A few weeks ago, my boss was looking at his phone during a meeting, (phones are full of germs if they're not wiped), dropped the phone on the floor that everyone walks on, and then picked up the phone, used his fingers to type on it, and then started eating chips with the same hand. People will eat food after touching dirty germ filled keyboards and door knobs used by other people. I agree with Tom's view on potlucks. I didn't like them before the pandemic because you don't know if they washed their hands, what their kitchens look like, etc.