Feb 27th, 2021 | Tom Talks

TOM'S EVOLUTION DURING HIS ONE-YEAR LOCKDOWN Through this COVID epidemic, Tom has had plenty of time for reflection. Good news: that wasn't depression he was experiencing. It was something else. Something good and natural.

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Submitted by Daniel Klock on

As a cohort and long time P1, this was riveting. Thank you.

Submitted by UncleKenta on

As a lifelong moderately intense germaphobe with a creative imagination, I find it funny that my neurosis is now the "New Normal".

I used to joke with friends when all dressed up dining in an expensive restaurant. I'd say: “imagine how many of these people in this restaurant, are farting right now. And did you realize, the HVAC system sucks in all those stink particles, stirs it all up, and spits it out that supply duct register that's right over our table.” And I’d laugh my ass off as they all looked up and groan in disgust, and could never get the thought out of their head for the rest of dinner.

And here we are, with a pandemic that primarily spreads via air. And outbreaks keep happening when people go indoors together. Gee I wonder why? Fucking morons lol. I will probably never go to a dine in a restaurant again. But the bad one for me, we will probably not be going to music concerts again either for years. That I will miss. We’ve just started to see the endless cascading consequences of this pandemic.

And Tom is correct. We are never going back to the old normal. Half a million dead, it ain't over yet, but people are acting like it is. "We've only just beguuuuun... to die...." Hate to say it, but we've got 1-2 more years of this mess. Crazy? I know I'm crazy. Crazy like a fox.

Take me out Karen Carpenter style, thanks Tom.

Submitted by Drago on

Shows like this are the reason I'm still a subscriber after all this time. Political talk is EVERYWHERE these days so there is little or not value to me, even if I agree with your opinion.. Your best shows are the shows in which you share your insight/wisdom and discuss topics that others are afraid to discuss. Just my opinion. Thanks Tom.