Jan 11th, 2021 | Tom Talks

NATION OF STUPIDS How did we get here: our country facing a violent insurrection and attempted overthrow? It's not just Donald Trump. Tom says that you and he have played a major part too.

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Submitted by cpk on

White flight did a lot to fuck up our schools - basically racism. Luckily for me, I was one of the first kids to be bussed - I'm glad I went to schools in the inner city, where I got a good education not only academically but I got to be in classes with teachers and students of many different races and backgrounds and I value that. My experience had made me less likely to fall for bullshit stereotypes and racists' rhetoric. My experiences with people who didn't look like me were pretty good -as good as they can be in school. Hell, the worst bullying I got was from other white kids who were assholes.

Submitted by Ruili84 on

Twitter and Youtube are public platforms owned by private companies. Imagine if you dependant on a lake's water for survival but lake is owned by a private company. Do you have a right to drink the water. I am not a fan of Trump but i came from a communist country where free speech is snuffed. The same thing is now happening in USA. Twitter and youtube is the new politburo. This is a very dangerous development. Tom even if Trump is devil we can not sacrifice freedom to destroy him.

Submitted by ProfTomLpupil on

Thank you for your comment as you may have experienced what many of us could only see on TV.

Is banning POTUS from social media platforms wrong? Absolutely not. We keep forgetting that freedoms and privileges come with responsibilities and certain limitations. Unfortunately #45 abused his by enticing violence against elected official at the precise time presidential election results were being certified. How would we react if it was Bin Laden caught tweeting instructions to 9/11 attackers? Wasn't #45 using social medial to send instructions to domestic terrorists?

What concerns me is how much power social media companies have compared to the government. We allow multiple industries to self-police which in simple terms is a loop hole from independent scrutiny (the crash of two Boeing 737 MAX planes is an example of failure of self-policing). Why none of the social media giants have balls to ban #45 for spreading lies and dis-information about the dangers of covid-19? Now that hes out in 10 days they finally take action.

Again, freedoms and privileges come with limits and responsibilities. If you abuse them then maybe you don't deserve them.

Submitted by Ruili84 on

Well said, freedom comes with limits and responsibilities. If someone says something irresponsible that person can be sued and if court of law finds him guilty then he should be paying the legal price.
If Bin Laden was twitting to 9/11 monsters then law enforcement have every right to shut him down.

The point i was trying to make is that twitter is neither a court of law nor law enforcement. There is due process to follow. I agree with you social media companies have too much power and they are answerable to no one yet they are in charge of public discourse. I'm just afraid if today they shutdown Trump, maybe tomorrow they shutdown Biden. It's almost as if the President or any politician wants to speak on their platform, he needs the approval of Twitter CEO.

As long as someone is not advocating something illegal they should be able to speak their mind on a public platforms.

Submitted by deweydec on

I am angry at what happened on the 6th and that so many in this country willingly want a dictator. You are correct in that we are a nation of stupidity. In 1933, General Smedley Butler helped expose and stop a fascist coup to take over the government but on January 6th, 2021 our President incited a coup and insurrection so he could maintain power and it is outrageous people defend him. The next day I tuned into right-wing news to see what they would say...sycophants and enablers of course. Joe Pags had Dinesh D"Souza on his radio program and they said it was a peaceful protest with a few bad apples and that Trump did nothing wrong and this is the viewpoint from too many. A nation of stupid, ignorant people who are ignoring history. Trumpism needs to end.

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TOM !!!!! PLEEEEEEEASE Keep up the Great work. I believe this Topic and also more Leykis 101 videos will increase your Suscribers. I know that you say it's a wash with those dumb fucc Trump Supporters and Conspiracy but bringing great content like this Topic pertaining to the idiots at the Capitol riot and Calling out the Trump supporters/ Conspiracy Theorist out for the dumb decisions they made sure makes a big ass positive difference Buisness wise with subscribers in my opinion. Did you see the Companies and corporations that stop their contributions to any Trump ssf supporter or anyone who objects to the election results and Especially the Republicans??? This shit is BIG AS HELL. Hell here in Kansas City, Missouri, Hall Mark Cards told Senate Hawley that they want their money back and also his book publishing got cancelled that he was about to launch. Hawleys show boating Ass and Ted Cruz is Become of a Joke now and days and people and law makers want their resignstion 6adap. See, Tom.......... the Professor was right again. You warned these Idiots years ago about Trump's ass being a Big Ass Troublemaker and up to no good. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised that after his term or if they approve the Impeachment and Senate gets his ass with Charged that his wife Royally divorce rape his ass or in a matter of fact, she already started the process on the low low and we publicly just don't know yet. And of Course he made Richard Nixon look like a Joke compared to what did leading the white House riot. Keep up up the Great Work Tom. And yes you still got guys like me who supports you BOTH In Front of and Behind the pay wall. Your old recorded videos by random guys on YouTube about Female nature, Buisness, and Life's Everyday Circumstances still help us Men out and apply today. Again thanks and keep up the Great work. Fucc those haters on those Toxic people endings friendship or a Buisness Relationshipbbn over NOT being a Followerand supporting Trump and his Bolongy Grang of Idiots. Please add a edit text feature on here because I probably made of bunch of typos and misspelling lol.