Nov 16th, 2020 | Tom Talks

TOM CANCELS HIS ANNUAL ORPHAN THANKSGIVING Despite his various ups and downs, Tom's been doing it since that infamous first Orphan Thanksgiving in 1979 in New York City. But he finally ran up against a foe bigger than any: COVID-19.

The original Facebook post Tom sent his friends announcing his 2020 cancellation.

Here's the story referenced above that finally convinced Tom to give up on trying to stage his annual Orphan Thanksgiving event for 2020.

CDC Guidelines for Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings

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Submitted by cpk on

As Tom used to say "don't be a brick". just fyi for anyone who's looking at this, this is a pretty good documentary about the 1918 flu pandemic. Keep in mind, if you watch this, that this doc was made in 2018 - way before we knew about CV-19. The parallels are chilling. Pandemics are not to be fucked with. Better to miss Thanksgiving than to miss the rest of your damn life...