Nov 10th, 2020 | Tom Talks

TRUMP: LOO-ZAH! You asked for it and it's here! Tom's take on the election results, his former friends and associates who got the boot, and what he thinks will happen next.

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Submitted by KZK AM and FM on

He is a goddamn looser.
Trump is going to go down far worse in the rankings in terms of the most revered and respected Presidents of this country,
Worse than James Buchanan.
What he does between this period and Inauguration Day remains to be seen, but I hope (and it's only just hope) that this President
doesn't get off scott free like Nixon or OJ.
Nor do I wish to see or hear Trump trying to use his perverted mindset by using Presidential powers to stay in office. I hope nobody abuses their power while in office,
not only the red states, but also the lawyers defending him and the Supreme Court; otherwise, we are all fucked.
And who knows what happens thereafter.
My only hope is that Biden doesn't get soft on Trump. I know he wants to be like Lincoln "to heal the country's wounds", but by doing that,
he puts his destiny at risk. This is especially true if Biden is sworn in as President and is forced to evict Trump out of the White House...on Inauguration Day.
When sworn in, Biden's the commander in chief (Joe, don't get soft; be TOUGH on Donald Duck)


P.S.: What to I think of Donald Trump? Here's a quote Carol Burnett:

Submitted by VikingNoah on

Nixon & Ford were before my time, so I appreciate your comparisons to the similarities of today.

Submitted by MRI44 on

President Biden can use an Executive Order to get around the Congress. Many presidents have use an Executive Order in the past.

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Are there any listeners who are Trump supporters by the way?

Submitted by chouck on

Best podcast ever. !!! And don’t forget Fuck Pompeo too!!

Submitted by cpk on

I think SDNY will have enough to put this Loozah away, and Biden won't have to take action. (I'd personally love to see Harris go after him though) And, I've heard both Mary Trump and Michael Cohen allude to civil suits that will come his way too, which will help to totally bankrupt (again) his fat ass. He might be talking about running in 2024, but his niece thinks he won't have the time because he'll be fighting court cases and/or be prison. But for now, I am taking great pleasure in hearing these stories about how he's locked himself in his room, and is melting down nuclear-style, just watching tv and rage-tweeting. Not to mention how it was for him to come back from golfing on his Big Loser Saturday and seeing from his limo the thousands of people dancing in the streets in joy of his defeat

Submitted by aofrailey on

I predict that Michael Cohen will suddenly disappear, like Jimmy Hoffa.

Submitted by aofrailey on

I hope Biden realizes that the country will be more apt to heal with Trump in prison. I can't think of anything less healing than Trump anchoring his own show on Fox News while piloting an obnoxious, bombastic, noisy and boorish 4 year campaign for the 2024 election!