Oct 24th, 2020 | Tom Talks

WRITING PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR LIFE The late Johnny Carson was said to be "good at writing people out of his life" as if it were a bad thing. But is it? Tom says that in order to become and remain successful, it's practically a necessity.

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Submitted by matt120 on

You made some interesting comments. I've come to the conclusion that some people come into my life for a reason. They aren't meant to stay there, but they come for a reason and I or we get something out of our interaction. We then move on our different ways in life. It was hard, because some of them (him or her) I wanted to stay around. But looking back on it, I realize I learned something or grew in knowledge or maturity from our interaction.

Submitted by reaper69316 on

Losing friends to psychotic gfs still has to be the number one reason I have written many close friends out of my life. I realize with work friends that they are just that "work friends" don't ever expect to hear from them if they get promoted, transferred or re assigned. I just don't take it so personally anymore but when I was younger it did sting a little.