Oct 22nd, 2020 | Tom Talks

RUDY, TOOBIN, & LOUIS CK What is it about guys who have a proclivity to stick their hands down their pants? Tom weighs in.

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Submitted by aofrailey on

Men who send photos of their private parts to women: why? Do they think women welcome this?

Submitted by AlexAlexAlexAlex on

dude, of course chicks like this kinda sh*t.. not sure why, besides just getting the attention.. but stories like this come out , or situations like this occur, when you send some shit like this to the wrong type of girl, i mean, of course.. right? right, tom? don't get me wrong, i don't agree with sending content like that to people, lol, but ya..

Submitted by cpk on

ok, I was trying to cook dinner while listening to this and it became almost impossible because I was laughing so hard, tears were clouding my vision, OMG this was so funny for many reasons. A. because of how Tom tells it and B. cause these guys are so stupid it's hilarious. thank you!

Submitted by MuyTranquilo on

Lmao the story about the Yiddish guy offering Tom a blowjob cracked me up!!! Makes me wonder how the subway is like in NY with a woman on there!