Oct 19th, 2020 | Tom Talks

WHO AND WHAT DID TOM VOTE FOR? You've been asking. And here it is. Tom's votes and his explanation. Also, why Tom doesn't belong to a political party. It's all here.

Here is an actual copy of Tom's LA ballot. Just click here to see EXACTLY who Tom voted for from his own district in the Hollywood Hills.



Submitted by Vic Dog on

I'm curious what you thought of the potential second stimulus package ? If this passes (maybe on Tuesday ) would this hurt or help Trump's re-election if it does pass?

I wish some of the protestors would just show up to the White House with a Rocker Launcher and blow that fucking place up with Trump's dumb ass in their! Do us all a fucking favor !!! That would be a nice firework show wouldn't it???!!! he he


Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

At this point, I don't think anything is going to change the predicted outcome of the upcoming election unless Russia once again successfully interferes in our election process!



Submitted by rushfanyyz on

I work in the events and video industry, have been out of work since march. Many of us need a second stimulus, but it won't change a damn thing regarding my opinion of trump, fuck that guy I can't wait to see his ass fired!!!

Submitted by aofrailey on

I once believed that we couldn't have a dictatorship because it would require 600 people to agree. Until I realized they vote in blocks. I've read so many books on the 2016 election. Crime in Progress (about the Steele dossier), Comey's book, Bolton's book, Strzok's book, two of Bob Woodward's books. These authors (except Bob Woodward) are (or were) staunch Republicans. Comey and Bolton and GPS Fusion are currently active in groups who are attempting to revamp the Republican party. Not a single one of these authors defends Trump. Mueller, staunch Republican, has been totally screwed by Trump. All believe that Trump is unfit for office.

Do you realize that during Trump's "reign" North Korea has attained the ability to launch a nuclear ICBM to the heart of the USA? And Trump has been pushing to get out of South Korea. Our presence in South Korea enables us to detect a missile launch from North Korea in less than one minute. Moving our missile defense system to Alaska (closest US proximity to North Korea) would result in a delay of 15 minutes to detect a North Korean missile launch. What more do you need to know?

Submitted by salsiquico1969 on

Great information!!!

Submitted by AlexAlexAlexAlex on

ive been hearing a lot about hunter biden and the biden family recently .. sounds scandalous.. i'm not sure what to think about it, what are you thoughts, pops?

Submitted by AlexAlexAlexAlex on

my bad if you have commented on it before .. i haven't updated myself yet.. thanks..

Submitted by do78 on

i hate trump but tom just said your racist if you dont support kamala harris. thats some woke nonsense