Jul 20th, 2020 | Tom Talks

FATTIES, TRANNIES, & GRANNIES For years, as men have gravitated to television to watch sports, Sports Illustrated has tried holding onto them with an annual Swimsuit Edition featuring hot models in tiny bikinis. Now, new owners have switched to featuring fatties, trannies, and grannies instead of hotties. Tom is not impressed!

Fatty Hunter McGrady from last year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Valentina Sampaio becomes first openly trans model in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

Here's how the New York Post covered this year's granny swimsuit model.

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Submitted by TallTim on

I don't care what the current clownworld says, chicks with dicks aren't women. Shame SI had to go down that route, caving to the politically correct minority.

Get woke, go broke. I won't be buying it, that's for sure.

Nice one Tom, liked the story about the black and white TV lol.