Jul 16th, 2020 | Tom Talks

YOU AGAIN? Just before his birthday, Tom looks back and counts the many ways he's so glad he said no to so many women. There are a lot of desperate gals out there today in this lousy pandemic economy, as Tom has discovered.

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Submitted by TallTim on

Women always go fishing after they've wasted their younger years. Funny how a little economic stress brings them out of the woodwork. Thanks for sharing, always enjoy your stories about past exes and all that. Life is funny how things work out, eh?

By the way, in reference to your show about ingredients in fast food apparently old-style McDonald's fries were cooked with beef fat -- https://www.atlasobscura.com/foods/original-mcdonalds-french-fry
I had no idea, personally. I guess they don't really use that anymore in the classic sense, which would explain why I don't like their fries anymore.

Submitted by padres74 on

The recent podcasts got me thinking. Save my money. Covid 19 at eateries? Cooks, servers, drive thrus. Ain't worth dying for.. Burger? Sandwich? Make it at home. Tastier. Today made pumpkin bread. Learning to create video tutorials for my students. I'm excited about what I'll learn next. You're a glowing and inspiring lamp Tomas! Thanks!

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Glad I could help!

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