Jul 15th, 2020 | Tom Talks

DIRECT FROM TOM'S POOL While Tom gets in a pre-meal dip, hear his latest thoughts about COVID-19, making good use of our lockdown time, what we're doing wrong, and what we can do differently in the next chapters of our lives.

In this episode, Tom referred to this: A Busby Berkeley staircase!

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Submitted by TallTim on

...you're right, buying a 7 dollar burger is pretty stupid when you can make your own stuff.

I'm planning and making some big moves. Its time to bail from the cities before it gets any worse, in my opinion.

Take care, Tom.

Submitted by Lmiyasato on

Gotta say, the lockdown has saved me some good $$$ too! Got three cars, suspended the insurance for two of the cars. With that said, it's an easy savings of $150/month! :). Also, not going out to restaurants has saved me some good $$$ too!

Submitted by JDY on

Have to say, this episode hit me a bit hard. I do spend a bit too much on ordering in food and booze. Hate to shop and cook. Not that I spend outrageously. I need to do better, start investing. Thank you, Professor!