Jul 13th, 2020 | Tom Talks

"I NEVER WANTED TO BE THIS PERSON" What's Tom been doing during this lockdown? Getting laid? Nope. Getting sauced? Not even. Watching his investments? Well, that yes. But you won't believe what he's been doing with most of his day. Tom says, "I never wanted to be this person." Yet now, he is

Why Do McDonald’s Fries Have Nearly 20 Ingredients?

Ever look at what's in a Kentucky Fried Chicken Original Recipe Chicken Breast? Most people don't. One piece has fully half of your entire daily allowance of sodium. And look at this list of ingredients!

Take a look at what's in a Taco Bell Bean Burrito. Did you have any idea?

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Submitted by War-A-Tron on

One thing that went though my mind while listening to this, is how food companies are acting like tobacco companies in order to shovel as much shit into people. I would not be surprised if some of these random ingredients are more addictive than nicotine.

Submitted by cpk on

You are totally right - and when Morgan Spurlock did his rather extreme experiment in his 2004 movie. He described total addict symptoms, like being irritated and depressed except when eating McDonalds food. Palm Oil, High-Fructose Corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, all of that crap, we totally do get addicted!

Submitted by TallTim on

..we may not agree on everything, but I do want you to continue to inform and entertain. You're lucky, you are in an area where getting the freshest meats and vegetables is possible directly from farms out there. We probably should go back to what our grandfathers and grandmothers used to eat -- just regular food prepared fresh. It seemed to work out for them, and they were thinner, too. Even after using real butter and all that, most people back then were pretty trim.

I do a workout every day, except sunday (need a day off). Been doing for years now. It really helps me, and isn't hard to maintain.

Cheers, Tom.

Submitted by Wyllie23 on

I live on a ranch and have actually grown Hopi blue corn. While the kernels are a super dark blue on the cob, when you actually grind them for culinary use you end up with white powder with a very slight blue tinge to it but not anything close to that cartoon purple that comes in the bag from the store and when you put the ground corn in an oven it turns pinkish-white. There is an old Indian trick to keeping them sorta blue but that involves mixing in the burnt ashes of certain acidic plants or the cobs themselves in a pinch. I strongly believe that those chips from the store are soaked in some sort of commercial dye which to me makes the claim that they're even made from actual blue corn a bit suspect. Plus it's a flint corn not a sweet corn, so I wouldn't be surprised if they added sugar too.

Submitted by Daniel Klock on

As another member of your cohort group, your bold, no-holds barred content resonated with me. Dubious as I've been with the ubiquitous use of "organic" as it relates to food branding, your description of human feces as indeed natural and organic, too, pretty much summed up the duplicity that rules the marketing of food today. No shit!

Submitted by asdf1234 on

I know you suggested that many people would tune out, but more people thank you think may have enjoyed this show. I have an interest in nutrition so the subject matter resonated with me. I'm sure it was educational to people who don't have much of an interest in the subject. That said, I would not mind hearing you talk about this again.

Submitted by cpk on

The history of food in America is pretty sick - it's caught up in profits and politics and people's simple lazyness. A really good book for anyone wanting to learn more about how f'd up our food is is the 2004 book "Fatland: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World". He talks about Nixon's Ag Secretary promoting palm oil - (highly saturated but very stable for long shelf life) and the creation of HFCS in the 70s. It's pretty disgusting the crap we've been eating.

Submitted by Jk86 on

Hey Tom, can you email me that list? Thank you.

Submitted by gokusan on

The human body cannot tell the difference between a can of Coke and a slice of whole grain bread. It is all sugar to the human body because as soon as the grain touches your tongue it turns to sugar. However, your body does know the difference between good fats and bad fats. High quality animal fats glide right through your system but vegetable oils will clog your arteries. I have been eating a strict ketogenic diet for 3 years now and it has served me well. I have not eaten grains in about 5 years and I never will again :) I am glad to see Dad starting to dial in on optimum health :)

Submitted by afretana on

I just heard the recent episode for Aug 3 and you mentioned the list of things you are doing differently. How can I get my hands on that list?