May 23rd, 2020 | Tom Talks

SHOULD COVID-19 MEAN THE END OF EATING MEAT? That's what author Jonathan Safran Foer wrote in a New York Times opinion piece.  Will Tom go along? Find out!

Here is The New York Times opinion piece that got Tom all fired up in the first place.

Should we stop eating meat now? Tell Tom:



Submitted by War-A-Tron on

A lot of great points, I do think eventually most humans will become vegan/vegetarians (possibly due to resources used in production, or some super meat substitute tasting better than the real deal) but I do not expect it to happen during my lifetime, and it is upto the Vegans to provide a better substitute than a real steak, or some fine oiak smoked Scottish Salmon....

There are vegetarian POC's, however they are mostly in places like India (some parts of which you can get imprisoned for eating Beef, if the lynch mod does not get to you first!), but outside of South Asia, you are right - never met a single Vegetarian/Vegan who was not white!

Submitted by TallTim on

No way, nope.

I'm getting a little tired of this crisis being used by emotionals to push their own bullshit. I don't want to eat bugs, or shit-plant-compost turned into shitty copies of meat. I'd rather go to an all-fish diet than go Vegan.

You know how you can tell someone is Vegan? They usually announce it proudly and try to make themselves look good. Its a virtue-signaling device, and they LOVE it, since they're "special".

They can get fucked. I would rather hunt my own Bison for steaks than jump on their bandwagon.

Submitted by gokusan on

I ate a raw food vegan diet for a year and it wrecked my health and now for last 3 years I have eaten a strict ketogenic diet and my health is the best it has ever been

Submitted by dude_lmao on

I tried the Beyond Meat. I am now a believer. Meat can go to zero, there is an alternative that tastes better: Next on the chopping block, fish, chick'n nuggits, bacon... Don't worry there will be a market for the real stuff but you'll have to order a carcass in advance bulk rate. Somalis will have to find something else to do besides freeze in Minnesota

Submitted by ajthwara on

I met a guy once on a farm, that tried to raise his farm kittens as vegans only. They all died. Absolute Animal Cruelty letting them starve to death on fruit and corn. Breaks my heart for those cats!