May 4th, 2020 | Tom Talks

THERE GOES THE BRIDE. THANKS, COVID-19! Your Professor is ahead of the curve again. He's advocated avoiding marriage for more than 20 years. And new statistics show that advice is taking hold: the lowest marriage rate in US history is now a reality! What do others know that you don't?

Tom's interest in this story began with this piece in The Wall Street Journal.

What's your take on marriage today? Let Tom know:



Submitted by Intel1983 on

I live in the barracks. No one is allowed to move in with me. :-)

Submitted by TallTim on

Its getting fucked up out there.

LAT - "Living Apart Together" described here - is a trend where you have some kind of extended relationship, and fuck around on the side, aka Polyamory is typical.

Why even bother saying you're with anyone. This is just turbo sluttery on another level. Girl will have a few LAT's, and a few side pieces, and who knows if any of them get a sliver of the truth.

This is what is coming down the pike, wonderful, eh?

No wonder marriage is getting decimated. This society is basically falling apart at the seams.

Submitted by flyboy805 on

over 30 youtube videos about this subject from Mgtow=Redpill=Incels and they are taking credit.

Submitted by Campbellsoup2013 on

Tom, you deserve all the credit in the world for ushering in the “don’t get married” camp. There are still recordings dating back to the 90s/early 00s on YouTube of you warning men against the marriage trap. For that, you are indeed a true Trailblazer.

Personally, before I ever heard of Tom I always thought marriage was a farce of an institution. By getting married, as a man you put yourself on a never ending treadmill of responsibility, as you are now legally joined at the hip to a woman that with each passing year becomes more overweight, naggy, entitled and all around unbearable to be around much less have sex with. The cages guys put themselves in by getting married is astounding to me.

If you look at most women over the age of 40, their mostly fat entitled slobs. Why would any man want to be tied to someone like that for decades or put themselves in a position to be divorce raped by that harpy?

Submitted by CL on

A case study needs to be done on the failed marriage between Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari. Jay Cutler wasn't a great NFL quarterback but by most indications, he was a family man who spent most of his time with his children. After earning more than $112 million dollars playing in the NFL, Cavallari wasn't happy living a quiet lifestyle out in the country. Get this Tom....She wants a divorce not because he cheated or couldn't provide for his family, she wants to end the marriage because she felt that he was "lazy" and "unmotivated". I feel bad for the guy. He made tons of money but it wasn't enough to keep the woman happy.

I have said it over and over. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make a woman happy. If a woman wants 10 things but you can only give her 9 out of the 10, she will focus and complain about that 1 thing that you didn't do.

Hopefully, Cutler doesn't make this mistake again.



Submitted by mike8643 on

She's a worthless whore, the worst kind of person imaginable. These women have a game plan, marry rich guy, squeeze out a few brats, divorce then never have to work again.

Worthless scum her type. They have nothing to offer but sexuality, they are uninteresting, don't read, all style no substance. Always wrap up boys and live alone, get a dog and enjoy the silence.