Apr 26th, 2020 | Tom Talks

IN THESE UNCERTAIN TIMES Everyone needs a friend right now. And your Ford Dealer is "ready to help". And your Mazda Dealer. And Papa John's Pizza. Are we really "all in this together"?

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Submitted by itscaping on

Men who really live alone now are doing way better then social animals & trandcons.

Submitted by mwkirlin on

I have been looking around at cars, and have not made the mistake of buying one. I want a Mazda 6 but there is no reason to get one now. I also have been reading the car will be a lot better in two years. In September, 2022 I hope to revisit the question when the new engine set up comes out. It is a nice car but it is not great, and again, I can wait. And a two year old car in 2022 should be a bargain if I go the used route. Those will be good deals.

Submitted by Miguel0311 on

Your right, just got a email from my Costco Visa card ...
We Are in this together. They just want to make sure I pay my bill!

Hi, Miguel. During these unprecedented times, it's easy to be distracted. No one knows that better than fraudsters ready to take advantage when we're most vulnerable – that's why it's important to be extra vigilant. Together, we can help keep your account secure.

Submitted by TallTim on

These corps don't give two shits. Just as long as you throw money at them, of course.

Funny thing, there's a rumor I've been hearing about future demand in cars due to the "social distancing" that will be in place for a while. We'll see if it pans out with everyone out of a job, lol.

More likely more people will be living in their cars, aka, Cali style.

GDP -20% (estimated)
Unemployment 23 Million (and rising)


Submitted by MGTOW Gamer on

Everytime I hear this phrase, I roll my eyes. And whats with this $8m Walmart food ad on YouTube?

Submitted by MGTOW Gamer on

Tom, check out the interview video podcast with "Papa" John Schnatter on YouTube called "Papa John - H3 Podcast #174 - YouTube". He talks about bunch of stuff there including downgrade of the pizza brand, money and the N-word issue. He sounds like a pretty smart, likeable and convincing guy. Its about 2 hours long.

Submitted by flyboy805 on

"Papa" John Schnatter can act 'Likeable' until his Supremacist-TrumpTard gets triggered, then he is back to his usual self.