Dec 24th, 2019 | Tom Talks

COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK Most people spend their Christmas season waiting for the Big Man to come down their chimney. But you won't believe what came out of the woodwork for Tom during the holiday season!

A whole new perspective of Christmas but from the dark side! Here's the first of five soon-to-be-classic holiday episodes that could be some of our best this year!



Submitted by alexgoncharov on

Great episode! Lots of great lessons to learn, too.

Submitted by SyntaxErrorz on

Tom, you are a master story teller! Great lessons to be learned here. I love the way you describe your house. I need to work my ass harder so I can have a house on the Hollywood Hills like you! Can't wait for the next episode in this series.

Submitted by Jeezustheone on

I want to be a storyteller like you father.