Nov 24th, 2019 | Tom Talks

SINGLE MOTHERS: WHY MEN SHOULD AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS We've seen many recent stories regarding single mothers, especially about the mass shooters who grew up without dads around. Time for some reminders about why single mothers are to be avoided resolutely when looking for sex or (god forbid) a relationship!

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Leykis 101 - Don't date single mothers!!! Thank you professor. 32 and no kids, never married, no divorce attorney, no child support. Good Life, No Wife, No Kidz!!! I am proud to say I have never dated a single mom.

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GENTS, Once upon a time a man asked a beautiful woman, Will you marry me? The woman said NO.
And the bloke lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER. AND rode motorcycles, AND raced cars AND travelled the world AND went to bars AND progressed his job AND dated women half his age AND drank malt whiskey AND craft beer, AND never heard moaning or complaints in his own castle AND went to rock concerts AND kept his house AND his friends AND his favourite jeans and NEVER got cheated on while working AND had TONS of £££ cash & zero DEBT AND left the toilet seat up. THE END

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I'm a financial guy, and when I see the pendulum swing to "The Future Is Female" I know a crowded trade when I see one.

There's a crash coming. Socially and perhaps financially, but its definitely coming. Women have pushed and pushed and complained until they've worked themselves into a corner. They'll never be satisfied. The swing back starts when someone stands up and says "No" to this collective of harping harridans.

I see the pushback starting, but it will be a very different world when it gets into full swing. Just a matter of time.

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The tenets of Leykis 101 combined with Red Pill knowledge and the MGTOW philosophy are the most perfect way for man to live in 2019 and beyond. Thanks again Dad and keep up the great work.