Oct 22nd, 2019 | Tom Talks

FINDING INSPIRATION IN A BRUTAL MURDER Tom believes that 60s actor and TV's Tarzan, Ron Ely, could have prevented his son's bloody murder of his wife...by kicking him out of the house before age 30. Are you an enabler or a dysfunctional person who tolerates addicts or the super-depressed in your life? Tom has solutions to these problems that many people won't like, but you might!

Here is the Washington Post column telling you why "you should learn how to use" Narcan.

Here is a look at Ron Ely's home. This is where a brutal murderer was living before he butchered his own mother.

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Submitted by Sonsofbitches on

Hey Tom, what a sad and crazy event. Murders are very rare in Santa Barbara. Wasn't the last murder the one involving Jessie James Hollywood killing that jewish kid's little brother over an unpaid drug debt? Of course I am kidding, there was also the kid that allegedly went crazy and shot up UC Santa Barbara, I forgot his name already. The son of an assistant director of "Hunger Games". And there was another kid that went crazy and ran over a bunch of students as well. Seems most of the murders in SB involve rich kids going nuts.
The link you show for the Ron Ely house shows it has been on the market, and the price reduced 200 thousand. Perhaps Ron and his wife had already made an ultimatum with their kids ?( the son and 2 daughters were still living there according to People.com) And perhaps the son was dreading the day he was gonna have to move out on his own? Maybe he asked for money and was rebuffed? The kid went to frigging HARVARD and worked as a security guard at the age of 30? Un fricking believable.

Submitted by TallTim on

I don't know if its just a California phenomenon, but it seems like celebs can't raise their kids worth a crap.

How many stories have we seen of the daughter/son of some bigshot getting arrested for stupid shit, or at the very least making complete jackasses of themselves?

Too much money, no discipline, no role model == shitshow disaster

Submitted by alrantel on

What an unexpected connection to a murder proving that people who try to rescue SNOWFLAKES or men who want to rescue Damsels in Distress will be taken under with them!