Oct 2nd, 2019 | Tom Talks

HOW "WOKE" IS GEN Z REALLY? So-called Gen Zs are usually labeled as healthy, socially conscious, lovers of Bernie Sanders and socialism, haters of capitalism and big companies. Yet a list of this demographic group's "favorite brands" indicates that they're more like the adults of the 50s than they'd like to think. (Do they ever wonder from where KFC and Doritos are "sourced"?)

Here is the list of Gen Zs 100 favorite brands. Show us the social consciousness!

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Here are the health-oriented ingredients in a Butterfinger, the 83rd most-admired brand of "woke" Gen Zs:



Submitted by TallTim on

As much as GenZ wants to be "special", they're like everyone else.

I never trusted anyone who tries to police what other people do, anyway. They'll reap the rewards of being busybody assholes soon enough, I'd guess.

Submitted by debassman on

This was not one of your better episodes. You used to open your show by saying "The issues you REALLY care about" Not sure is most people really care about this.

Submitted by TomLeykisNNN on

Read the description of each episode before you listen. Then if it isn't interesting to you, simply don't listen to that episode. Many people wrote and said that they did enjoy this episode. Not every episode is going to appeal to every listener. I'll be looking forward to your topic suggestions which you can email directly to me at tom@blowmeuptom.com. Thanks for the input.

Submitted by neveralull on

I wouldn't eat or drink a single product in this list. Well, maybe the Ben & Jerry's.