Sep 30th, 2019 | Tom Talks

WHY IS EVERYBODY SO BROKE? You hear it everywhere: people saying that they can't afford to go to college...they can't afford to buy a starter home...they can't afford to pay their bills. But with unemployment so low and the economy doing well, how can that possibly be? Tom knows. Click and listen...if you can handle the truth! Another extra-long episode!

Here is the story that Tom referenced on this episode.

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Submitted by alrantel on

Every word of this living Podcast is the unbridled truth. But except for here you won’t hear that truth anywhere else and believe the alternate Reality! Brilliant.

Submitted by deweydec on

This is exactly why I am a subscriber. So many of my family, friends, and co-workers are guilty of the irrational consumption mentioned in this podcast and article and then they wonder why they have financial problems.

Submitted by TallTim on

Its getting worse out there Tom, I just don't think any of the main news outlets have picked up on it. Most people can't afford a few hundred bucks in an emergency situation, and a lot of people can't survive one missed paycheck.

I agree that a lot of people bring their hardships on themselves by spending into oblivion. I think part of that is driven by this hedonistic "who cares about tomorrow, live for today" mentality that you discussed.

Its gonna hit hard some time in 2020. My only advice is to have sufficient reserves like Tom advises.

Submitted by gigs1777 on

So many parents are failing their children but not teaching them this stuff hence why you have 25 year olds begging their parents for money after they spend a night out boozing.

Submitted by nihal on

I don't see anything wrong with living at home. Its still better than moving out and paying rent. Most people that do this end up complaining about affordable housing. I rather save that money and buy property. You will save money in the long run.