Sep 13th, 2019 | Tom Talks

DIRECT FROM FACEBOOK JAIL! Tom's been a bad boy again, apparently. And so he's begun a 30-day suspension from Facebook. Find out exactly what Tom said to earn this suspension. Also, get new insight as to why our podcast lives behind a paywall. Why can't Tom be found on iTunes? Why no YouTube channel? Why no live video on Instagram or Periscope? All of your questions are answered here!

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Submitted by thomasj on

Tom, you should have just CALLED HIM Ball-Licker Dickwad. Facebook seems to be fine with terms like Lyin' Hillary, Crazy Joe Biden, Jeff Flakey, and Al Frankenstein that have been parroted by tens of thousands of Trump-ets all over the platform.

They also seem to be fine with the election-manipulating propaganda perpetrated by fake Russian accounts. Putin's Slimeballs pushed pro-Trump posts to 126 million Facebook users they had collected actual psychological profiles on - WITH Facebooks help-for-hire.

I also wonder how many Facebook users openly talk about ACTUALLY licking someones balls every day? No problem there! - Face it, you were singled out because you speak the truth and it's not PC and it's not popular with the public. It's just true..

These tech companies like to perpetuate the concept they are young, open and edgy. I lived in Silicon Valley for 20 years. The truth is different. They are no different than any other for profit business (not inherently wrong, but wrong if you grow to be a monopoly). There's a reason Google dropped the motto "Don't be evil" in the 2015 corporate restructuring. They now ARE evil and plan to be more evil by controlling access. The new phrase "Do the right thing [for profits]" is much easier to handle.

Personally, I think that while a business has a right to make it's own choices, they don't have a right to near 100% control of the dissemination of information. In the old days, if you didn't like a newspaper, you could start one of your own. Today nobody would find you on the search engines or through a Facebook post. You'd be taken down for some internal reason and not even be told why.

Perhaps it's time for some anti-trust action on these new-tech communications monopolies.

Submitted by TallTim on

Sorry you got temp-banned, but social media is just a minefield of crap.

Also, its helpful not being on that shit when some crazy broad tries to sniff you out. With how cheap servers are, its easier to set up an open-source alternative like mastodon and send invite links to immediate family to access it via the web.

But instead, everyone just wants to make Zuckerberg richer because they're lazy fucks.

Submitted by Spacep0d on

I've been in FB Jail a few times, including one 30-day stint. The SJW/Feminist moderators don't like our posts sometimes (which SJWs or butthurt feminists will sometimes report) and FB will all-too-happily punish us for 'wrongthink'.