Jun 17th, 2019 | Tom Talks

TOM'S FATHER'S DAY POSTMORTEM How was your Father's Day? Often a loaded question because the answer isn't always so obvious! Hear all about the conflicted relationship Tom had with his dad and how it affected his life as an adult. The result is Tom's relationship with his audience as The Dad You Never Had!

How was your Father's Day? Let Tom know: tom@blowmeuptom.com.



Submitted by KA06 on

Happy Father’s Day Tom; I learned more from you than I have my biological father; thanks for being you!

Submitted by robonthejob247 on

My fathers been gone almost 29 years and when it comes around I do say happy Father’s Day wherever you are.

I also called up a few people who are older than me that were similar to father figures and wished him happy Father’s Day and some friends of mine who have kids

Submitted by gokusan on

Happy Father's Day to you Tom, my biological dad didn't want to raise or teach me anything and my mother was and still is useless for the most part so it was a blessing that I found you :)

Submitted by TallTim on

My dad was around, but obstinate and manipulative enough that I left home before 21. He still pulls that shit to this day, though I have more freedom to ignore it as an adult. I've learned more on my own than I did from him. In some ways, Tom and I are alike, my dad worked long hours and came home grumpy as hell. I hardly saw him except for a small slice at dinner. He might have drank, but I think he hid it well. Never saw booze in the fridge or anything like that.

But those things temper you, like a blacksmith folding metal on a forge. Having to learn all the shit I did means I have the ability to pick up things quickly, even now that I'm much older. I've built up my finances to the point where I don't have to care about my next paycheck. I work for myself, make my own hours.

And you better believe I'm not going to let any broad come within a foot of my bank account or my residence.

Have a good one Tom. We don't need Father's day, at all.