May 31st, 2019 | Tom Talks

IS TOM A MISOGYNIST? No, he says! Quite the contrary! Find out how Tom doesn't hate women, doesn't advocate abuse of any kind, and how in the #MeToo era, the ladies love to say that Tom is a woman-hater. But Tom says he's actually a feminist! Find out why!

Here's the Twitter thread that started this whole conversation.

Here's the profile to which Tom refers in which the Los Angeles Times asked if he's a misogynist.

Do you think Tom is a misogynist? Let him know what you think:



Submitted by TallTim on

I get where you're coming from Tom, but its misleading to say you're a feminist.

Feminism is about giving women power over men. It was never about equality. That much should be obvious, the "pussy pass" when female teachers get slaps on the wrist for banging their male students. How about that case you talked about years ago where a woman falsely accused a guy of rape, sent him away to prison for over 10 years, then recanted her story but wanted to keep it under wraps because she'd lose the money she had gotten because of it.

That kind of shit. So Tom, don't say you're a feminist. Just say you're about actual equality.

Submitted by Liberation95 on

You are completely right, that you are a real, true and original feminist. Originally feminism was to do similar jobs to men and help out in times of war or other situations. It was about having voting rights, which is a right all people should have as well as other liberties. Now feminism has morphed into something where women want to get things paid for but they still want to be treated as "equals". If both parties are equal, they would not expect the other to pay for them! Today's feminists want to be able to use movements such as #METOO be be able to exert power over us, whereas the original intent was to be equal, not better. Keep it up, Tom!