May 24th, 2019 | Tom Talks

LATE NIGHT TOM ON THE BEACH Light a candle. Grab some ice, pour your favorite beverage. Or, wrap yourself in your blanky for this very personal episode direct from an deserted stretch of beach. Tom will tell you all about where he is and why he's there.



Submitted by gigs1777 on

Hi Tom, love the new format, hope to hear more of it. All the best to your cousin.

Submitted by TallTim on

Thanks Tom for sharing this. I'm glad you can share a few things with us here and there. Don't worry about it being to self-centered, honestly. Hearing the muted background while you were talking wasn't distracting, it added to the feel of the show. I'd love to know what that mic was, because it sounded phenomenal without any overpressure pops or wind noise.

I've always wanted to attend one of your events but other things got in the way. I pictured us sharing a beer and having a conversation while Gary grilled some burgers and Dino chimed in with some stories of your exploits.

But that never came to pass. So this is the next best thing, where you record what is going on and I can picture the scene and the events leading up to why you're there at that place and time.

Thanks again Tom, I really liked this.

Submitted by SLHOLMBERG on

I realy enjoyed this podcast. Thank You Tom.


Submitted by memoload9 on

The mic sounds great...…… it again from the field
So glad you spent quality time with your cousin

Submitted by Rebel Paul on

I love the new format Tom. This was you at your finest. I look forward to many, many, more of this. You’re the best at what you do and this segment proves it. My best to your cousin.

Submitted by Trojangod on

Loved this episode Tom! My favorites are when you reminisce about your life, like the Christmas Eve episode. I know you can't do these all the time but I love them!

Submitted by JohnFromAustin on

On the road with Tom Leykis! Gotta love it. The ambient sound really set the mood, and added a whole new dimension.

Submitted by sonnyside on

The microphone sounds good Tom. I like the format of the podcast. Thank you for keeping us updated.

Submitted by Richiovelli on

I knew this was gonna be gold! I really appreciate your sincere candor Tom.

Submitted by Skyler on

You’re not a nice guy but you’re a kind man. I’m glad your cousin is doing better. I enjoyed this episode. Thanks Tom.

Submitted by shawner123 on

These types of stories remind us of what is important in life Tom, thank you very much for sharing.